Ellen Feldman Photography | Toy Family
I came upon the figures in these images by chance while accompanying a friend to a toy store. I have rarely responded to dolls, in fact I call this collection a toy family largely to avoid the word. But I responded to these characters whom I see as mostly conventional – but also slightly off-kilter.

I first assembled a family of six: mother (an airline pilot), father (a construction worker), two teenagers, and two young children. When I couldn’t resist and acquired more, the family expanded into a community.

The toys have no moving parts and only a single expression.

In many of these photos, different representational modes coexist – from plastic figures to postcards to billboards. These layers of artifice are set within the real world of city streets.

You may be intrigued to superimpose little narratives or to devise a workable back-story for this group of characters, whose plights can be taken as alternately serious and playful.
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