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I went to Prague for a week in September/October, 2011, to explore the city and take street photos.

I always go shooting on my own, unencumbered by the need to consider anyone else’s pace or interests. And it makes it much easier to see your surroundings. In Prague, I was especially drawn to the wall stencils. This portfolio encompasses two subjects: people I come across in the street and wall artwork, often of people.

I knew none of the subjects in the street photos, and often managed to capture images without the subject’s awareness. While I like to remain invisible, I rarely hide my camera or “shoot from the hip.” The fact that people so rarely notice my presence—even when only a few feet away—is a welcome reminder of how fully we’re committed to our own “realities.”

Exhibition prints (14x20") are available for purchase (editions of 7); contact Ellen.

These photographs are included in A Week in Prague: Wall People / Street People, a self-published photography book. To preview or purchase a copy of the book, go to A Week in Prague: Wall People / Street People.